kittentaboo (ex_kittenta) wrote in bad_service,

Tearing down girls' self-esteem

Crossposted to the Childfree community.

I was in a Joyce Leslie (teen/young women clothing store) today shopping for a younger cousin. I saw a shirt I liked while there, so went to the dressing rooms to try it on. There was a girl about 11-13 trying on a bikini...maybe a bit advanced for her age (triangle tops with ties as straps and to connect the bottoms together), but rather commonplace with girls her age.

Her grandmother loudly proclaimed that it "looked like hell" and "was ridiculous...everyone would laugh at the way (she) looked". A college-aged salesgirl walked by, and the grandmother asked her what she thought of the girl's bathing suit, and if people would laugh at her. The salesgirl gave a really bitchy nod to the girl and was like, "oh yeah, they'll laugh".

This poor little girl looked to the ground sadly and shuffled back to the dressing room to change.

Get ready for a lifetime of body issues!

I hate people. How on earth is it appropriate to make those comments to a young customer? This girl was at LEAST twenty years old. Grow the hell up and get some tact.
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