Erin (estuelke) wrote in bad_service,

Chicago Uno Pizza

A friend of mine and I went to Chicago Uno's last week for dinner and I just thought I'd share our wonderful experience with you all...

We get seated immediately and a waiter approaches us asking for our drink order. I order a water with lemon, my friend orders a sweet tea. Five minutes later, a different waitress shows up with our drinks - no lemon in mine, ugh! She takes our order - now mind you, I must tell you what they have on their menu so that you will understand the subsequent fiasco. They have two types of crust: deep dish and thin crust. On their menu is a deep dish chicken and wild mushroom pizza and a thin crust wild mushroom pizza (no chicken). I want a deep dish wild mushroom pizza with no chicken, so that's what I order. So we wait...

Part way through waiting, I decide I'm hungry enough for a salad and our drinks really need refilling by this time. We catch our waitress and order one salad with ranch and one salad with bleu cheese. We wait... 15 minutes later we receive our pizza, but no salads or drinks yet. Right as I'm about to dig in to my pizza, I realize there's meat on it. ARRRGH!!! We catch the first person that happens by, which is the hostess. We tell her this is the wrong pizza. She brings over the (I'm thinking assistant) manager and he seems to be taking this news very slowly, not understanding how we could have gotten the wrong pizza. I tell him again, we want the deep dish wild mushroom pizza with no chicken. We wait...

The waitress comes back and says "Oh, your salads will be out in a minute..." We wait... She comes back and to me, "What dressing did you want again?" (Obviously, she forgot) We wait...

Our second pizza now comes to the table, and as soon as the server sets it down, I notice the chicken!!!!! DAMMIT! I say something and she looks all confused and says, "There's no chicken...oh wait, yeah there is." I say, "I'm vegetarian, I don't eat meat, I want a DEEP DISH WILD MUSHROOM PIZZA WITH NO CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Finally, our salads come out (still no refills yet). Yah! Food! Thank goodness, I was about to eat my plate! Meanwhile the "assistant" manager comes by and apologizes profusely. I explain that I have been here before and this has never been a problem. I explain that I'm vegetarian, I don't eat meat. And I explain that I am extremely hungry and I just want my pizza! He says that he will take care of everthing for us... We wait...

He comes back, hands us two passes for a free pizza, then asks me if I'm vegan. I say no and he says, "Oh good because I want to give you free appetizer too, but some of them contain cheese." I'm thinking, "Uh, hello dumbass, your PIZZA has fucking CHEESE too!". I smile nicely and thank him for the passes. He then notices we need refills and comes back with them.

FINALLY, our waitress brings our pizza and it's right! YAH! She says, "You're vegetarian? You're not vegan are you?" I say, "No, if I were, I wouldn't be able to eat this pizza." She says, "Oh yeah, didn't think about that." DUH!

Anyway, we get our bill. Everything is on there including a nice little "Long Wait Discount" for $20.99. $21 off our meal plus two free pizzas and an appetizer. Granted we should have gotten the whole meal free, but hey!
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