Katherine (kitanaor) wrote in bad_service,

Another CINGULAR SUCKS story.

I have a discount through my work and I need to buy a new phone. You only get the discount if you order the phone online. However, you can not just order a phone online; You have to select a plan too in order to be able to checkout. I already have a plan.

So I called customer service and the guy told me he had just bought only a phone online. He walked me through it and he saw that I was right. So he gave me a number to call: the website support. It's disconnected. The message said to call another number. The guy that answers said the only way I can buy just a phone is through customer service.

Take 2.

Called customer service. Since I am having trouble buying a phone, I pressed 2 for sales. After entering in my phone number, I got looped back to the orignal menu!! So I just pressed zero. And I got a lady that said she will transfer me to sales. After I tell her what just happened, she promised to stay on the line with me. She didn't and I got put on hold for half an hour.

It was very hot by then and I took out my frustrations on the first person I saw: Devin. He called and got put through to sales. The lady seemed very helpful and said we could go to a corporate store. She called to make sure they are a corporate store and gave us the address.

OF COURSE, we got there, and the manager said they don't give out business discounts. On top of that, the employee there said he did not get any calls about us. Then just as we were leaving: "Oh yeah, now I remember. But they just asked if this was a corporate store." *Fury invoked*

I called cingular again (stupid me) and get told there is another store I can go to. The customer service rep actually talked to a guy, got a name, and told them to expect me. After I thanked her for her help, she said, "Of course. I mean, VIP service!" Is that a motto or something?

We found the guy we're to talk to, David, and once he heard the story from us, said, "Oh, business discount? We don't do that here. The lady on the phone said something about our VIP service, which is something different." Then David's brain functions shut down and we couldn't get anymore information out of him. WTF? I never said VIP to the lady.

We gave up after that.
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