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My husband has nearly perfect credit - or I should say he HAD nearly perfect credit until Cingular's rank incompetence smegged up his score.

Back in December, we closed out our contract with Cingular for the one cell phone we had. We paid off the remainder of the contract and thought we were finished. Oh, but we were SO wrong!

In March, we got a phone call from Cingular. With no apologies, with not even a smidgen of regret, they informed us that they had credited 100 dollars to the wrong account and thus we still owed them money. My husband sighed, said "okay. Please send me proof of this and I'll pay the remainder I apparently owe due to your error."

Good enough, right? Bloody generous of him to offer to pay to make up for THEIR error, yes?

Apparently not. He received nothing, no proof, not even a statement. But apparently Cingular put a nice black mark on his credit due to THEIR stupidity.

Before that, he qualified for a gold Visa through his bank. Now he can't even get the normal APR reduction or balance raise that he could before, because Cingular is run by a bunch of incompetent twits.

We're disputing the credit - we still have the papers that say the account was CLOSED OUT. They don't have a leg to stand on but we're sure they'll try their hardest to avoid responsibility for their error.

Don't bother with Cingular. Seriously. We've never had so many problems with a corporation before.
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