Shannon (melinastar22) wrote in bad_service,

background - i just got dsl and needed a little bit of help with the modem and whatnot.
this might not be considered "bad service", but the tech support man was VERY condescending.
with that being said -
the said gentleman helps me out, and explains to me how to activate my verizon email address. that's fine and hunky-dory. when you tell me what webpage to go to, and i say "Okay, i went there, but the page can not be displayed", you do not talk to me all slowly like i'm an idiot and don't know how to spell. especially when you ASK how i spelled it. i spell it back to you, and you tell me i'm wrong? i'm sorry. i think i know how to spell ACTIVATE, VERIZON, AND NET! and, when you spelled it to me "correctly", it was the same way i spelled it to you to begin with!

i have my account all setup now, no thanks to this gentleman. but maybe next time he should think before he speaks? or maybe when the customer asks a question, he says something so that i don't have to say "hello? anyone there?". that just SHOWED you weren't paying attention.

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