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I didn't order the bleu cheese

Well, I actually love bleu cheese, but this evening I went to Mickey's T-mart (little grocer out here) and got some Munster out of the deli. I got home, put it in the 'fridge. I get up to slice the cheese, putting it onto a plate for tonight when Kris gets home (long story, I'll tell later).

I take it out of the plastic bag, remove the delicatessen sheet, and wrinkle my nose. It smells bad. I slice a piece, bring it to my nose, and *gag* moldy cheese. Now I can understand moldy cheese, it happens, but lo and behold, there is a chunk tore out of the block of cheese where they removed the mold!!!! They removed it and knowingly sold moldy cheese!! That's disgusting and totally uncalled for.

Now I must get dressed again, walk down there, and get new cheese. I need to buy it out of the store deli instead of the deli counter as the counter is closed. The stuff at the store deli is more expensive - and NO I'm NOT paying the difference...and I'm going to fill out a complaint card. That is uncalled for! EWWW.
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