EST. 1986 (andwe_explode) wrote in bad_service,
EST. 1986

My mother went to Eckerd last night. I used to work at this particular one, still have a slightly bitter taste in my mouth, but my mother has been getting prescriptions filled there since it was Fay's Drugs back in the day.

My dad is having a colonoscopy today, and I don't know how many of you know this, but the night before you have the procedure you have to drink all of this stuff to empty out your intestines. Kinda sucks to be in the same house as this is going on, but whatever. Sunday my mom saw the prescription and thought he was going to wait until the last minute to get it filled because that's how my father is. She had a lot going on so forgot about it then yesterday he still hadn't filled it and she said she'd do it for him. So yeah, that part sucks that it was at the last minute and all that, but she would have been pissed at what follows regardless.

The pharmacy staff at this particular location are very rude. My friend works there, and I suppose she's alright, but there's a few of them who will just give you an evil glare when you come up the counter and everything. Anyway, she gives them the script, they say, "It'll be 20 minutes." She decides to wait, and for oh about a half hour is standing/sitting near the counter. So anyway, after 45 minutes of waiting, they tell her, "Oh, we don't have it, we have to order it." Meanwhile, the basket with the script in it that said "ON ORDER" was sitting there for well...45 minutes. (She noticed it said ON ORDER when she went up to the counter.) Had she been a little less pissed she would have told them to find out who has it for her, but she just walked out.

She decided to go to the CVS near St Peter's Hospital, but first had to get my dad's insurance card because we only filled scripts at this one store. Whatever, does that, gets there's an Eckerd. They were nice and friendly and helpful, but either way.

It wasn't the fact that Eckerd didn't have the prescription, it was the fact that they stood there, doing nothing, while she waited...then 45 minutes later decided to tell her that they have to order it.

Anyway, it takes a lot for my mother to stop going to a store, but she's never going back to Eckerd again. It's been a building problem, such as their HIPAA "compliancy" that isn't, the rude associates and now this... :/
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