Lady Rogue (ladyrogue79) wrote in bad_service,
Lady Rogue

HOA Woes

So I live in an HOA. Back in December, our mailbox was hit twice and we had to fix it to the tune of $150 because our HOA use uniform mailboxes.

In order to try and minimize this happening again, I called and asked the property managers if we could put reflective tape on the box to make it more visible. I was told that was fine. Eventually, I received an email saying it should be small stickers. The person may have meant 'a' small sticker, but she wasn't very clear. So my husband put the tape in a dotted line around the box because one small piece of tape wasn't very visible. We had also checked the covenants and there was nothing in there about placing something on the mailbox, just to keep the box in 'good condition'. Anyway, March comes around and we get a violation letter about the mailbox saying to remove the stickers as well as some other issues. I try and call/email the office, trying to find out what we can do instead and again mentioning that one small piece of tape isn't very visible. I hear a lot of nothing.

I keep records of every call and email. I get no response. For months. I receive another letter. Some of the violations we tell them we will take care of at the end of summer due to money issues. One is dealing with our trash can not being in 'an enclosure' that needs to be built. I just pull the can into my garage.

We receive another letter in August, not mentioning at all that we've tried to contact them or that the trash can is no longer outside except on trash collection day. I'm livid. There is a Facebook group for my HOA and I post a couple times about the issues I've been having getting any kind of response from them and ask for general advice. Fast forward to last Friday.

I receive a call from the HOA GM, yelling and berating me for my Facebook posts, accusing me of 'cyberbullying' her staff, and saying that she has contacted their legal counsel about the posts. I was at work at the time teaching a class. I have to step out and call my husband in tears. I've never been talked to like that, especially from a so-called professional.

We're currently trying to deal with this by contacting the board members, especially as I've been told this GM has a history of bullying her staff and others. So far, we've heard nothing from the board.

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