philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

Doctor Bad Service

An update to my situation with a whole new bit of doctor bad service.

For those of you who missed the previous post, basically, I have had seriously bad period cramps for years along with a host of other symptoms. I had an exploratory surgery 2 years ago to see if it was endometriosis. That doctor didn't find anything. Still having problems. My new gynecologist suggested an IUD might help with the pain. But since I can't handle anything inserted in my vagina due ot pain, we would do it sergically, and she'd also look around while she was there just to make sure the previous doctor didn't miss anything. But my insurance decided to drop covering that doctor the day before the scheduled surgery.

So, now, I was able to get a different doctor in the practice covered, and I really like her too. We planned the surgery and performed it today.

Guess what she found?.... Endometriosis. Lots of it. Everywhere in my left pelvis pretty much. And she said the only way the previous doctor could have missed it was if she just looked at my uterus and ovaries and nothing else. Because those were the only places it wasn't. And at this point, it completely covers the outside and inside of my bladder, so it couldn't be all taken out. So we're going to have to talk about other options. And I have to wonder if the previous doctor had found it two years ago, if at that point it could have been taken out.

To be honest, the previous doctor didn't believe me about my pain level. I didn't much like her, but she was the only one my previous insurance covered. So I'm not entirely surprised she missed it. But still.

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