Anyanka Koenig (AnyankaK) wrote in bad_service,
Anyanka Koenig

McDonald's wtf

I took my kid to mcdonalds. I had promised and i am a good mommy so i took my kid to mcdonalds.

We stood in line to wait our turn.

When it was our turn we ordered. 10 piece for me with fries and a coke.

I asked my kid what they wanted. They wanted a"adult" meal. (Not a happy or mighty kids) they are 6.

So they picked a ten piece 2 with fries and a coke. Guess they want 2 be like mommy!

We are charged 4 both meals.

But when our food is ready it is my meal and a happy meal.

I said No two #7s

The person that takes our order said yes but she knew i meant happy meal.

No i say we want two #7s.

Person says happy meals are for kids and you(me) have a kid.

I said yes i do but they want a meal like mine.

Person smiles and hands me the happy meal and my order.

I said we ordered two #7s.

Person says kids eat happy meals. Kids like happy meals.

I say i dont care. I want my real order.

Person gets manager and says im abusing my kid.

I say person wont give me my real order.

Manager asks for my reciept to see what i order.

I show them.

Manager leave and come back with my real order.
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