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A letter to the CEO of T-Mobile. I've left out how rude the local store was when I came in without the text that T-Mobile was supposed to send. I never got a text but called the customer service to double check before coming into the store. Lady copped an attitude that I should've waited for the text (they likely sent it to the line of the phone which wouldn't boot, lol), but another person found the phone in the back room. I feel this is minor in comparison to my real complaint (T-Mobile not honouring what it's representative said), and didn't want to detract from it.

Dear -----:

I just wanted to update you on a situation with your company that I've had recently, so that you can be aware why you are losing a customer today.

On 03/14 my husband spoke with a representative who told him our Note4 that stopped booting could be replaced under warranty (it happened right after the phone installed a new T-Mobile update). We told the representative that there's a small crack in the upper left that happened weeks ago. The representative told us so long as it wasn't the cause of the phone not booting, it would be considered normal wear and tear, and he went ahead and ordered a replacement phone to arrive around 03/17.

We went to the store on 03/17 and were told that because of the tiny crack in the phone (attached photo) we would be liable for $300-400 when the person receiving it checked it for damage. I explained what we were told on the phone of 03/14, and I was told there were no notes on file. I was told they wouldn't be able to guarantee no charge without a note on file, so I called customer service.

I was told by customer service they would not honour what the representative said on 03/14 and put a note on the file. We were advised to now go through insurance, which now has a deductible of $175. I spoke with a manager who told me they were not responsible for what their representatives say, and explained to me the "correct" options, pay $300-400 by exchanging the phone in store, or pay $175 and file with insurance.

I tried to contact customer service on Twitter, explaining my bad service. I feel a company should stand behind what a representative says, hence why I've urged every representative I've spoken to after 03/14 to please check and listen to the recording of that phone call to verify I am telling the truth. After all, a representative represents the company and if I can't trust their word, how can I trust the company? I understand mistakes happen but I don't believe the customer should be held liable for improper training of a company's employees. I was told again by the customer service on Twitter that they would not be honouring what the representative said on 03/14 but to avoid the $300-400 fee, I should go through insurance. I asked whether I would have a choice of phone or not, and the representative told me that I would be able to discuss it at the point of ordering. However, the $175 fee is due before I sent in the phone, so I don't understand how I'll be able to negotiate a comparable phone (as the Note4 is no longer available, and I don't want a Note5 as I enjoy having a removable battery) after I've paid. Especially after my experiences with how representatives have treated what a colleague said on 03/14 I fear I can't trust what the Twitter representative says either, as nobody will honour what they said at a later date.

As a result, I'm moving my account today. I just wanted to let you know how disappointed I am that T-Mobile refused to stand behind what one of it's employees said.

Thank you for your time,

Feel free to give constructive criticism.

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