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I need coffee, but not this badly

So, I've decided not to visit my local Costa Coffee again. Which is a shame, as out of the Unholy Trinity, theirs is the only actual coffee that I like.

A while ago, while I was waiting in line, the barista behind the counter served the person in front of me, and then started chatting to their friend who was in the queue behind me. They went do far as to take their friend's order ahead of mine, which is remarkably unBritish!

More recently, another barista decided to chat to her friend who was having a coffee, rather than take my order. Her colleague who was evidently on the "make drinks" side of things that evening couldn't take the two steps over to the counter so that she wouldn't have to interrupt her conversation, and just stood there. In this situation, my boyfriend and I tend to play a little game based on "Diner Dash", and start a countdown to imaginary "patience hearts" popping. Three out of the standard five went before she finally deigned to take my order.

This morning really took the biscuit. I placed a roll on the counter to be heated, and requested it to go. When asked if I wanted a drink, I asked for an iced hazelnut latte (unless there's snow on the ground, I'll have an iced drink - hot drinks tend to make me sleepy). She rattled it off to the other barista (the one who couldn't walk in my previous visit) and took my money.

Then I saw her colleague start to assemble a hot drink. I said, "If that's for me, it's supposed to be an iced latte." This was not an unreasonable assumption, as there was no-one ahead of me in the queue. HE just laughed me off and continued to make the hot drink. When he put it down in front of me, I shook my head and said (slightly shortly) "I did say that it was supposed to be iced!" He got very defensive and made another, all the while with body language implying that I was being awkward.

I'll excuse a genuine error, but not when someone ignores an attempt to correct one. From now on I'll stick to the Tassimo capsules if I'm at home!
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