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Amazon offers "Free Same Day Shipping!" in my area. This means when you check out, it shows you the stupid countdown and has the options for shipping, one of which will say:

Get Same Day Shipping!
Guaranteed by (TODAY'S DATE)

Today, I put an item I needed to get into my cart (a $7 purchase) and noticed that it had Free Same Day shipping on it ("Want to get your item by today, Dec 8th? Order within the next 2 hours and select Same Day shipping at checkout!"). Well, shoot, I'd like to get this today, so why not! I put an additional $32 of bullshit I didn't need into my cart, made sure it could all go Same Day, and went to checkout.

I see that there's only 1 MINUTE AND 57 SECONDS left to get it "Same day shipping! Guaranteed by today, Dec 8th!". Because of the urgency, I don't take a screencap of this page and pound that order button!

A couple hours later I realized I hadn't received a shipping notice. Turns out that at the last second Amazon swapped "today" to be "tomorrow."

This is the second time that this has happened to me. The first time the rep told me that I was lying, and that the checkout showed me tomorrow's date. This time, they just said I was "confused" and that "Same day just means it's delivered the same day it's shipped out." Which is not what Amazon's website shows anywhere they advertise it. Bait and switch, anyone?

So I tried to cancel my order... Of course it's too late to cancel it, so I'll have to refuse the package. Except I won't be home to refuse it.

I hate Amazon. Definitely not renewing my Prime membership next year. And since their system claims that they said Dec. 9th instead of 8th at checkout (which it most certainly did NOT), I don't even qualify for getting a free month of Prime for the trouble (per their TOS of guaranteeing on time delivery). :C

Also, is it just me, or does it seem like the Prime music selection is shrinking thanks to their Music Unlimited service?
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