Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Minor salad error causes argument.

So last night we decided to order out for delivery cuz we didn't feel like leaving the house.

My friend ordered a salad.

Everything else came fine but hers was missing her raspberry vinegarette. So we checked all the bags, all the containers to see if it wasn't misplaced. Nope. Nowhere.

So then we called the place we ordered from. First, when we tried to explain the issue the person seemed really intent to know if the order had come in through grubhub or seamless or what. (It was seamless).

Then, they started arguing that the salad dressing should be on the leafy part of the cob salad. My friend dug around the entire box to see if she could taste any - no. It was either left off or in such trace amounts it couldn't be tasted. (Which, can I say, it's been my experience most delivery places give you dressing on the side so stuff doesn't get soggy, but whatever, not bad service).

Then instead of accepting it, he kept ARGUING that the chef insists he put it on. Uhm, well, IDK about the chef or their memory, but we're sitting infront of the salad right now and can see/taste it. There's no dressing.

So after going back and forth for like 10 minutes, he asks if someone can come out and pick it up. We said no, cuz it defeats the purpose of ordering in. I mean honestly, it's their mistake (although I'm sure he still thinks there's dressing on the salad), but he doesn't want to send someone out just for dressing.

The manager wasn't in, so we have to call back tonight.

Not the end of the world but arguing about salad dressing and whether it's on the salad or not is what really struck me as too much.

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