Sacch (sacch) wrote in bad_service,

If you don't want a negative review, then send out the correct product.

I'll make this as short as I can.

In June I ordered a poster for a movie that came out that month, picturing my favorite character from the movie. According to ebay it was shipped from China. The payment was not steep, but that's not the point.

I waited about 2 weeks for the item to even be shipped; got a message on ebay from the seller saying the packages were labelled incorrectly and returned. Okay, fine by me. Things like that happen...

Fast forward to today, I get my package in the mail, open it... aaaand it's the wrong poster, and not only that, but the quality is bad. The picture isn't hi-res and was obviously blown up.

I left a polite but honest review of the seller, marked as negative, because I waited a month and a half for the wrong product- so as you can imagine, I was pretty unsatisfied. I also reached out to the seller to let them know.

Now the seller wants me to "cancel" the negative feedback (I can't, as per ebay's policy, the seller has to request a review), and they're demanding that I do that before I get a refund. They won't even offer to send me the right product. This is the first negative review they've gotten and they seem to be intent on sweeping it under the rug. (I heard this is a common thing apparently? I don't order from ebay much.)

Totally not shady, right? I think I just got scammed. Bummer- I looked everywhere else for the poster and nobody else seems to have it in print, so I probably did get my money snatched from me. Sad though, I was really looking forward to having the character on my wall.

EDIT: I called them out and threatened to open a dispute, and they didn't reply. I got a full refund in my paypal account, so this case has been solved, but it was still shitty of them to hold the refund over my head over ONE bad review when it was their mistake.
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