ljmydayaway (ljmydayaway) wrote in bad_service,

Amazon... wtf.

I've placed 3 orders for my dad for Father's day.

The first was ordered last week, and i felt like an awesome daughter for getting the present to him early, it was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday. I noticed yesterday that the tracking had it delayed, the reason being it was destroyed in shipping. Crap. (Not necessarily amazons fault, but still...)

I placed another order for the same thing, and amazon comped me the overnight shipping. Cool. But this order has not shipped yet, despite needing to be delivered today.

I placed a third order for an additional gift and paid overnight shipping for it, hoping that one of the two packages would get there in time. It was marked as shipped yesterday, but today ups updated saying it didn't get to their warehouse on time and they've delayed it.

So my dad now has no father's day gift, even though i gave it my best shot and even shelled out for overnight shipping.

It's possible the one that's marked as not shipped might get there (if i just assumed amazon simply hasn't added the tracking info), but at this point, i have no faith in amazon.

Had anyone had this many issues with them lately? The order before these was was delayed as well. And yes, I'm a prime member.

Update: They finally shipped out the replacement blanket at 5PM last night. Obviously Amazon doesn't have transporter technology yet, so once it was marked as shipped, they updated the delivery day to Monday (note: I was told by the Amazon rep himself when he refunded the overnight shipping cost that this order was going to arrive yesterday, and up until it shipped, the date for delivery was yesterday).

I hit them up on Twitter yesterday, which was completely useless. More useless than the chat agents. No one did anything. No one looked into why the order hadn't shipped yet, no one called UPS or looked into where the bluray order was. If you ever have an issue with Amazon, don't bother hitting them up on Twitter.

I'm not sure why they bother with a "guaranteed delivery date" if it's actually just a suggestion.

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