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Gynecologist Woes

I thought I'd finally found a good gynecologist. Someone who actually listened to me and didn't dismiss me. Only turns out there have been other issues.

So, I went to see her in January, no problem. She was great. She listened to me and my symptoms. She realized pretty quickly that I had been misdiagnosed with PCOS (diagnosed by a former obgyn with no testing) and probably had fairly severe endometriosis. She suggested that the best course of treatment was surgery, especially since I can't do vaginal ultrasound due to some other issues (mostly over-sensitive nerves). I said fine, she gave me the name of her scheduler and said that person would call my insurance and get back to me.

I asked what hospital she operated at because I was worried about insurance coverage. She told me that she operated at the hospital near her office, but that she could operate at another place if my insurance would only cover that. We talked about doing the surgery in either mid-February or early March to work around my Bar schedule. And in the meantime she gave me Tramadol that I could take for cramps since ibuprofen doesn't even touch my pain. So, great, I thought we were all set.

So, almost month later, mid February, I heard nothing. So I called the scheduling person. I probably should have called earlier, but I was in the midst of bar studying as well as a really severe period that lasted more than a week and kept me in bed. So it just sort of slipped my mind. Finally I called, and I got put in a long phone tree, talking to five different people. Finally I talked to the person who said that the gynecologist actually wanted to see me again before scheduling anything. And the earliest appointment she had was mid-March.

Nothing I could do about it, so I took the appointment. So on the 17th I go. And they take me back, only to have me wait two hours past when my appointment was in the back waiting room because she's running way behind. And no one ever told me anything or what was going on.

Finally I see her. And it turns out I didn't really need this appointment after all. Because somehow from the last appointment she had gotten the impression that I was unsure about the surgery in spite of telling me that the scheduler would call me. So the entire point of this appointment was to talk me into something I already thought I had to get done.

She does have some blood drawn, though she says it will have to be done again before surgery, and it kind of sounded like she was just trying to make this appointment worthwhile. By this point their lab tech had gone to lunch, so I had to go to a different lab and will probably be charged a separate bill. Argh.

Anyway, again she tells me the scheduler will call me. The surgery at this point will have to be mid-April because I'm a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding on April 9 and she didn't think I'd be completely recovered in time.

So finally, today, come to find out from the scheduler that actually the doctor will only operate at Methodist hospitals, and my insurance only covers University or Baptist hospitals. And she isn't willing to do it anywhere else in spite of what she told me. So now I've wasted all my visits with her. And she was in-network for my insurance, so I'm not sure why they'd have a doctor in-network who couldn't operate in-network.

So I call my insurance to see if they can work something out, but they aren't willing to cover it. So I have to find a new doctor and start all over again. At this point the surgery won't be for a while. And meanwhile I'm looking for a job and dealing with periods sometimes twice a month with pain so severe I can't get out of bed and have to take painkillers just to not be in agony.

The whole thing is just so frustrating. I spent a good hour after getting off the phone with the insurance in tears. I did manage to find another doctor who can see me the first week of April before I fly for the wedding, but who knows what she'll want to do or when she'll be able to do the surgery.

TLDR: Wasted time and appointments only to find out my insurance can't cover the surgery with her despite her claims otherwise.
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