Becca (theflyers) wrote in bad_service,

Finding a mechanic is tiresome...

I moved last summer and therefore I'm in that struggle of not knowing everything about my new town.

The problem I have is a pain in the rear end but it's a complete inconvenience but something that would harm my car in the long run. Being me, I like things to be streamlined, so I set out on the mission to get it fixed.

When you fuel up, the gas nozzle pops off before it's full. Constantly, every couple gallons, it'll click off, meaning you have to nurse the car. This would not be a problem if I lived in the 48(?) states that had self-service stations, I'd be fine with standing there holding it. I live in Oregon, Oregon is strictly all no-self-service. So I roll up to each gas station and have to tell the friendly attendant that it clicks off, please feel free to take care of everyone who comes in while I wait for their extra attention. I HATE IT, I hate being a pain in their butts. They're all kind and understanding, they deal with far worse but still, ick.

So I googled it, found out that it's most likely a hose or filter that needs changed. It's extremely common, the gas attendants have even offered the idea that someone tried to steal my gas, that can push the screen down and cause that issue. It's all about gas vapors not being able to escape properly, so the gas pumps "think" its full and kick off so not to over-fill.

I call the dealership in the town I live in now, thinking "I'll pay dealership prices to get in quickly, be out the $105 and be happier for it in the long run."

They schedule me for 2:30 on a Friday afternoon because I work long days Monday-Thursday and get done early Fridays. They say it's $105 for the diagnostic, it's all the standard song and dance. I'm feeling good about it.

Then I get in there, the guy starts asking me about the issue. He acts really concerned and confused about the issue. Since it's the only issue that is going on, there's no check engine light (I would have been in here a heck of a lot sooner if there was a light on, bro!), there was seriously just the inconvenience. Yes it's every gas station, yes it's been for a few weeks now.

He tells me they have to rip apart my car to figure it out. It's probably something complex and that the diagnostic would be a level two, meaning it starts at $200. Oh and they need my car the entire day to do this, they shouldn't start it on a Friday afternoon, they may not be able to finish and put everything back together.

This is a common issue that's known by every gas attendant I've spoken with, these folks range from 19 years old to 60 years old, so you're telling me that a kid just out of high school knows of this but a guy running the service department at a dealership hasn't heard of it?! Oh please. Way to over complicate a small issue. Why would you rip apart my entire car for it?! If anything, I'd think you'd want to drop my gas tank, which indeed would be expensive but at least it'd make some frigging sense.

I got this nasty feeling that he was taking advantage of a single woman who had never been there before.

Most of all I'm pissed he wasted my damn time, scheduling an appointment for something making it sound like a couple hours would be plenty to diagnose it. If I could afford to be without my car for an entire day, I'd pay someone 2/3 of the price and go to a small shop with just a couple guys tinkering with vehicles. Stop wasting my damn time trying to con me out of more money!

Needless to say, whatever was blocking that hose has seemingly finally gotten itself out of there. Last time I gassed up, no issue. Maybe God just realized I had too much, since after I left the dealership, I pulled over at a rest stop and sobbed. It was a long week and the last thing I need is a jerk dicking me around over a convenience issue.

I wish I had the energy at the time to pull out my phone and show him the YouTube video I found of this dude explaining the issue and how simple it tends to be. I didn't though and I probably would have jumped to a customer_suck in that case with my "I know your job better than you do" tirade to follow. No I just tucked my tail, told them I'd be in touch when I knew my schedule and bailed to cry it out.
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