_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

First, I call T-mobile and they put me on hold to really horrible scratchy music.
This is after I look at my t-mobile online and see that, wow, somehow I don't have equipment protection anymore.
And according to my statment, I owe a dollar for my phone bill this month. Wtf.

This is more like a shitty_company, right? No. I finally get on the phone with this girl who tells me that I went on to my t-mobile and cancelled it. No, I did not. I have gone on and added things to my Optional Services, but I never cancelled equipment protection. She says I did, and I said, "The only way it was cancelled was if you have to re-select it every time you add more to your optional services". She didn't say anything. "And I can't go back through the optional services and add it again because you have a certain limit of when you can sign up for it". "Yeah, two weeks". "Well, I didn't mean to cancel it. I didn't cancel it. And now it's not on my bill. Is there anybody you can talk to, to see if there is something to do about this?"

The entire time, I'm being very nice to this woman. She puts me back on hold, comes back and tells me she needs to transfer me to their insurance line, and they can set me up with a new plan. Guess what happens? I get put on hold again, transferred finally, and the woman I talk to is just rude. I explain to her what happened, and why I got transferred. I said, "The woman from T-mobile transferred me to ask about you about the insurance on my phone. She said that you could set me up with a new plan". "Well, did you get a new phone within the last 14 days?" "No" "Well, then I can't help you. The only way I can get you a new plan is if you got a new phone within the past 14 days" "Well, that is not what I was told" "You were told the wrong thing. Sorry. Can I help you with something else?" She said that last part so rudely. Like, "Ok, you're wasting my time". I was told one thing and then told another and both the woman from T-mobile and the other lady sounded like, "I hate my job, I hate you, I hate everything and I really don't feel like helping you today".

The lady from T-mobile knew my phone wasn't new. She knew what went on with the online billing. Now I have no equipment protection. If anybody knows any way to get a hold of somebody helpful, to explain what when on with my phone, or just how to get a new t-mobile phone without spending any money, please give me some help. This is the second time somebody from T-mobile hasn't given me answers, or has been rude. It's not even necessarily saying anything rude, it's just your voice and your attitude. I hate being at work sometimes too, but I don't act like a bitch. I actually go out of my way to be nice to people and I'm sure if they came in my work and I talked to them, the way they talked to me, I'd have a complaint and I'd be fired. AH!
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