amethystian (amethystian) wrote in bad_service,

Update to Car Dealer BS

Update to this entry from last month:

tl:dr - my new car had a broken valve, called dealer to complain and he screams at me, saying my old car is a dud and I lied to get a higher part-ex value (which I did not).

So, this guy tells me that he cannot sell my car and he's going to scrap her instead of sell her on.
A month later, I decide to mosey onto his website and see if she's still on the website (she was in Feb, with no photos).

Not only are there photos on the listing now (numberplate confirms that this is my old car), but the mileage is still incorrect. It states the mileage is 99,000. I have photographs that prove her mileage was at least 100,024 when I took her in (I took that photo as a milestone picture shortly before I made the decision to give her up).

Should I report this to the DVLA?

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