Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Mail Drama ongoing....

I think I posted about this before that when I would order cat food from Amazon, the mailman would mark it as "undeliverable - no safe place to leave it" or sometimes as address non-existant/couldn't find, and then redeliver it the follow day or two without issue. (I'm not complaining if there's no safe place to leave it, leave a notice and I'll pick it up! But they don't leave a notice, ever.)

After I called to tell Amazon and they spoke to USPS, suddenly things on Sunday (and sometimes Saturdays) are getting marked as the same. Which, if they just didn't deliver, that'd be fine, but don't have that as an option then tell me my address doesn't exist/you couldn't find it, or it there was no safe place to leave it (when you deliver stuff almost every day of the week without problem).

However, now, a package has gone missing. A package with tracking too. It's from Ebay so I contacted the seller and contacted the USPS. The next day after filing the report with USPS, the local post office called me and said the "GPS" said it was delivered. I told her, I know, but I never got it. In fact, I didn't get ANY mail that day. She sighs and says she'll have to ask the delivery person. (Right from this call it feels like I'm calling the delivery person a theif, I'm not btw, but that's the vibe I get from her attitude/sigh. I just want to know what happened/where the package is).

The following day she calls me again and tells me that the "GPS" says it was delivered. I said I know, but I never got it. I got no mail that Friday. She tells me she spoke to the delivery person and they said they left it in my mailbox. I said, that's weird, because the tracking says it was left at the front door/porch. She goes on to tell me to check with my landlord (I have, and I trust them. I live in a good area and none of my packages have gone missing, ever. Once the guy downstairs accidentally took a letter for me but noticed like the next day, by the time of reporting this, it had been seven days). I told her I have, they don't have it. She says, well, maybe someone took it! You have two houses and one mailbox, the delivery person told me! (We have one house, one mailbox, just two families living on different floors, and we've NEVER had a problem before). It was just a regular envelope with 0lb 0oz! It could've been taken by someone! The sender should've put insurance on it! We offer insurance! (Is this a shakedown? lol) Do you want us to hold your packages? No, I say. Ok! I will tell the delivery person to put everything on your porch from now on! No matter how small! (uhhh... now I'm certain I'm going to lose stuff) I try to tell her that many things she said (0lb, 0oz, delivered to mailbox/porch/front door) doesn't make any sense but she doesn't want to talk about it anymore and ends the call.

I spoke with the seller, who is mailing it out again today (thankfully), and I asked them to put insurance on it this time. They also told me they only mail stuff in bubble mailers (so I wonder if the person who delivers stuff like delivers everything and checks it off as delivered after they've done the entire street or something, which isn't protocol I imagine, and they've gotten confused as to what package I'm talking about, because like I've said I get a lot of mail/packages especially recently).

I don't know how to proceed. I mean I'm getting my buttons, which is the main concern, but I don't know how to tell USPS look, IDK what happened, but I didn't get the package. I think you need to investigate this delivery person (not that they're intentionally stealing stuff, but their facts don't add up, plus they have a history of not delivering items).

(Also, to clarify, the house has a door beside the garage door. Up three stairs is the mailbox. On this platform, beside the house some carriers leave large boxes. Going along the sidewalk and up 5-7 stairs is the front door where some carriers leave large boxes too, depending. The front door is often open, except in colder months, and doesn't lead to anyone's apartment.)
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