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I'm going to put this behind a cut because what I've been dealing with is gross (bodily functions..yay!), so if you get grossed out by talking about stomach issues...might wanna skip got kinda long..

I've been having problems with my bladder...I posted a while back actually about the PA at my doctor's office that was horrible...

On the 18th I had a cystoscopy done under general anesthesia. My urologist prescribed Macrobid 100mg for me to take twice a day for 5 days and then once a day for 10 days.

I've had this antibiotic before. (Since January 2015 I've also been given one script of Bactrim and two for Cipro to combat these UTI issues.)  That's more antibiotics than I've had in years.  I've NEVER had an stomach issue caused by them before.

I woke up Tuesday morning and things started going downhill. I'd say I found myself on the toilet half a dozen times. It's actually *why* I woke up..I really really had to go.

Tuesday I just ignore it. I didn't think it was a big deal.

Wednesday.... I was in there about a dozen times.  No fever, but I don't want to eat anything and I'm super dehydratd. Thursday, by 3pm, at least a dozen times and I'm having to force myself to eat and drink and my abdomen hurts. 

No. Ok. Not normal.  I become extremely worried.  Especially since 3 years ago, my mom contracted c. diff.  She got it again twice this past summer. I had contact with her every time before I knew what was wrong.

I decide to call the urologist. Had to leave a message. His nurse called me back...I explained what was going on to her in greater detail. I tell her about my mom.

Her response?  There's a stomach bug going around. I told her, 1. I haven't left my apartment except for once since the 19th. 2. By boyfriend isn't sick. No one he's been in contact with is sick.

Then she tries to just tell me the antibiotics upset my stomach. She tells me it's all normal and I'm fine. I had an appointment with my urologist the following morning, he'd handle in then.

I only slept for 2 hours Thursday night because the pain was so bad and I was up and down so much.

Friday morning I call my regular doctor's office. I explain.  They want me to come in IMMEDIATELY because no, I'm not fine. Before I told her I had been exposed to c. diff, she said it sounded like it could be something severe, like c. diff.

Sure enough, that's what they think I have. (I got the disgusting pleasure of collecting my own samples to take back to them.)  I saw the competent PA and when I told her how the other nurse told me and her jaw dropped.  She said she'd look into that because that's completely unacceptable.

I make it to my urologist appointment after that. It's at a different office than the one with the nurse I spoke to. When I told him everything, he was noticeably pissed off by his nurse...not sure what's going to happen with that...they're going to call me Tuesday morning to get my test results. I have a feeling that if this is c. diff, or something else that is not normal, that nurse can kiss her job goodbye.

And the kicker? As we were getting a note to cover my boyfriend missing class, there was a sign hanging up behind the desk referencing c. diff and how to sterilize surfaces that could have come into contact with the bacteria...

I'm still not any better... in the bathroom a lot. Still in a lot of pain. Still dehydrated and forcing myself to eat.  :/

Tl;dr: my urologist's nurse didn't take symptoms seriously and I've been previously exposed to a really not fun disease that could be causing all of my problems.

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