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Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Continuation... kind of...

So a follow-up to the last post here, but moreso overall office shenanigans rather than the secretary specifically now, but there's more on her too.

So, I haven't written a letter, mostly because I just wanted to get my surgery over and done with, and be in the clear before I kicked stuff up, less somehow it comes back to me.

Also just to clarify, in the previous post, doctor I booked appointment with, who was NOT in the office that day (and I didn't receive notice of that) was Surgeon A. I ended up seeing Surgeon B that day, after seeing the doctor assistant for Surgeon A.

When we came in for the surgery consult Surgeon B agreed to give me a stronger pain killer. He left pretty much immediately after, while we waited for the secretary to fax the script. Unfortunately, we got Ms. Pleasant. She asked what our preferred pharmacy was, and my husband managed to say, "Well, our usual pharmacy is-" when she cut him off to tell him she didn't care what he usually used, she just wanted to know where to send it. My husband then resumed and said, "I was trying to say that we usually use X but last time they didn't have (other narcotic) in stock so we had to call around." "Oh, I'll get a prescription written out for you then!" And did so from Surgeon C.

I had the surgery, Surgeon A performed it. Love Surgeon A, he reminds me of my old urologist from Canada and I would prefer to see him. I ended up in the ER the following day, early AM. After being discharged got explicit instructions to see Surgeon A for a follow-up in 1-3 days. This is Saturday so we wait until Monday to call.

We call in post-ER trip to schedule an appointment. My husband said, "We'd like to book an appointment with Surgeon A for a post-ER--" Secretary cut him off, "She was in the ER?! WHAT FOR?!" Husband says, "She was in pain," and barely finished his sentence before she goes, "Hold on," and transfers him directly to Surgeon A. Surgeon A gives us a time to see him for Tuesday.

So we come Tuesday, and wait. I recognize Surgeon B's voice seeing other patients, but can't hear Surgeon A (they have distinctive voices, lol). I think at this point Surgeon A is running late, and hasn't even made it into the office. Suddenly, Surgeon B walks into the room and greets us. I'm stunned.

He has no idea that we were in the ER, what tests were conducted (the ER called and spoke to Surgeon A about everything, got him to weigh in on tests and medicine to give FYI), and we spend a bit of time catching him up.

We're supposed to come back in 3 months, but I didn't make the appointment yet. I'm going to find another urologist and transfer my files there because in addition to Ms. Pleasant there is some major BS going on. Either Surgeon B doesn't get enough patients, so Surgeon A bumps some of his requests to him, or there is no policy in the office to notify patients when they're doctors are no longer in, OR Surgeon A just plain lies. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

It really bothers me that this happened twice. They even made note on my file (last time) that I want to be notified if the doctor I book with isn't going to be in the office. Ugh.

Tempted to write a letter after I transfer about why I left, but I'm also worried that urologists talk to each other and I'll be labelled as difficult. IDK. Is this normal for specialists in the US? Am I being ridiculous? I haven't seen another specialist yet, and I'm just concerned if I should be aware of my other unrelated specialist appointment is going to be SURPRISE someone different in the office.

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