Cala the Wonder Bitch (calantha) wrote in bad_service,
Cala the Wonder Bitch

Bad dental service

Apple Dental Center sucks!

I have an infected second molar. Due to hypomineralizaton, my second molars basically just crumbled apart a while back. One got infected, so I went through this before with a regular dentist having me come in, quoting me prices for extraction, and then telling me that she doesn't do extractions and sending me to an oral surgeon after charging me almost $100. So I tried to avoid that same experience, though apparently my efforts were in vain. Anyway, the oral surgeon had warned me the other tooth would do the same thing, but I was trying to make it through the holidays before dealing with it. Lucky me, it got infected just before Christmas.

On to today's experience:

First, you have to do the receptionist's job by entering your own information into the computer. Then they usher you into a cubicle-style "exam room" where anyone in the back can see and hear you. When I booked the appointment, I told them I was looking for an oral surgeon to do an extraction because my previous oral surgeon is out for the holidays. They booked me in, knowing they did not have an oral surgeon available. I did not find that out until it was too late.

The hygienist was brusque, hurting me pretty bad attempting an x-ray by tearing my mouth at the corner and hitting the infected tooth repeatedly. When I went through this with a previous molar on the other side, my x-rays were painless. I told her she was hurting me, but she forced the tearing anyway until I physically pushed her off of me. We did get the x-rays, but only after I dealt with her doing the same again and me just dealing with the pain while she snapped at me to move my tongue. I have limited movement of it because I'm tongue-tied.

Then the dentist-in-a-box came and told me I would have to go elsewhere to an oral surgeon for the extraction because of my medical history. He didn't even examine me; he knew he couldn't do anything. There is no reason to deceive people into coming in and paying you for services you know they will have to do all over again with someone else.

I left because I don't generally give people money to injure me, and they kept yelling to tell me I had to stop and pay. I told them that I didn't HAVE to do anything, and walked out. I told them they could send me to collections if they want. (Probably a bad customer moment but oh well.)

They called and left me a
voicemail, saying they were reporting me to the police for theft of services. I have to ask: What services? A half-assed x-ray?

Luckily I got an appointment for an actual oral surgeon for tomorrow. I just can't wait until my other guy gets back into town.

Crappy dental clinics like this one are the reason people get scared of the dentist. I've had so many bad medical experiences that now when something feels wrong, I get up and leave.

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