Honorable Mikado of Nekosong (mikadosok) wrote in bad_service,
Honorable Mikado of Nekosong

On top of everything else....it's POURING

Ok, a little back story here. My car died. On a VERY busy freeway, I'm not sure HOW far from home (it took me about three hours to walk home, because I couldn't call home) There I was, driving along, car started to slow, then sputter, then just, well....died. Possibly the battery, possibly a number of things. Well, a 93 olds....with a LOT of miles on her.

That isn't the major suckage.

Hubby calls the insurance company we've been using for both our cars since we've had them. Now, we've been paying said insurance for all those year, never been late, only made a couple of claims. I don't believe we're bad customers. We get the automated call from insurance company that they have taken hubbies payment for a tow, they have called the tow company, we don't have to call them. They will be where my car is in about 40 minutes. We bugger on out there, in a hurry since we've only got about 15 minutes.

There my car is, in all her wet rusting glory. All alone. We get to her, park right behind her. Hubby takes this flashy thingamabob he's got, puts it in the rear window, to add to the four way flashers. Making sure, in the rain, haze, fog and such that people can SEE us, and so can the tow truck.

Hour later, cop stops. Asks what is going on, we explain. He calls his dispatcher, who calls said tow company. They never got any message from insurance company. But, they do send the tow truck out, who FINALLY gets there, gets my car home so we can let it set there (I've no money to get car fixed at this time) and we pay AGAIN.

Seems the insurance company never sent the information TO the tow company....certainly not the info we had already paid. Until AFTER we got my car towed home and paid AGAIN.

Then, when hubby calls, they also have the gall to wish us both 'happy holidays'

Yeah...I wanted to happy their holiday right up to their ears.

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