Jen (jenria17) wrote in bad_service,

Mail-Order Pharmacy

So, I'm prescribed a new medication by my doc (Ampyra, if anyone's curious). It comes with a 2-month trial supply, which arrived by mail no problem. As the 2nd month started, I confirmed that I did want to continue on the drug, so the prescription was sent to Aetna specialty pharmacy. This is where the fun begins....

4 weeks out - Ampyra company confirms I want to continue; they send the prescription to Aetna. I'm told that I HAVE to go through their specialty mail pharmacy, not just the local Kroger. Aetna will call me in 2-3 days to work out details.

3 weeks out - I call Aetna because I haven't heard anything. They have no idea what I'm talking about. I call Ampyra, they sent the prescription 6 days prior. Ampyra calls Aetna, and end up re-sending the prescription. I'm told Aetna will call me in 2-3 days.

2 weeks out - I call Aetna. It's in 'processing', and I will be called in... 2-3 days.

1.5 weeks out - I'm starting to stress a little - this not really a medicine that is good for a cold-turkey withdrawal. I call Aetna. Everything is set, they were trying to figure out benefits. It should be shipped in less than 48 hours.

1 week out - I check the website to see if it has actually shipped. It did, delivery was attempted, and then it was being returned to sender. They shipped it to my WORK address. With a Saturday delivery.... I work at a school. No wonder no one could sign for it. They had my home address on file as my primary address. Everything they've ever sent has been to my home address. I don't even know...

Monday (yesterday) - I call AGAIN. I'm now down to my last 3 days. WHERE ARE MY PILLS??? According to the rep, they will re-send them out THAT day. I will receive them TODAY. After much badgering, I stuck to my guns for no signature, because I'm at work all day, and don't want a missed delivery.

Today - I get a phone call from Aetna. Apparently my package was stranded in Kentucky (I'm in Ohio). Again, IDK. IDEK. IDEFK. GAAHHHH!! I'm ready to pull my hair out! They promised it will be here tomorrow, I really pray it will be. I have pills for tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening, and then I'm out. And they only do 30 day supplies. Given this took a month, I am seriously considering putting my re-fill order in now...

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