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mall kiosk sales morons.

I may well bring flame-age upon myself for this, but I cannot stand the attitudes of the people who work at the mall kiosks for this hand and nail care product. I hope you know what I'm referring to, because I've seen these things at malls all over the eastern half of the US. It's a package with hand lotion, nail oil, a nail buffer, and a nail file. I bought one 5 years ago or so, and really didn't like it. The lotion was nasty, and the oil just made my nails greasy. That's fine, no bad service there, I just didn't care for the product.

But every time I see one of these kiosks now, no matter that I look away resolutely and walk quickly by, I get accosted by these idiots. Some of them grab for my hand to look at my nails, while others do the, "Hello-good-afternoon-and-how-are-you-ma'am-can-I-ask-you-something?" with that tone of voice as if they were talking to a mentally handicapped child. My reply, standard, is, "Fine-thank-you-I'm-not-interested," while continuing to walk. If they press (and they always fucking press) I say, "Tried your product, don't like it, sorry."

NONE OF THEM can let this go. They always have to reply with this faux-horrified expression and a "Well, what don't you like about this wonderful product, ma'am?" (Or something like that. They're all imported twenty-somethings with varied Euro accents.) Or, "I'm sure you must be thinking of something else, our product is wonderful!"

Why can't these morons just let it go? Why do they look like I insulted their mother when I say, "No thank you"? Why do they get sarcastic and say, "You're very welcome" and snort even after I make sure to reply to their greeting before I turn them away? The women are especially bad at this. The men usually grab for my hand, but when I pull away they give up, because they realize that their "good looks" have no effect on me.

I hate pushy sales people in malls. I do not like to be accosted in hallways just because I am female and you think I want your nasty ass product.

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