A Girl's Best Friend is Her Octopus (l_o_lostshadows) wrote in bad_service,
A Girl's Best Friend is Her Octopus

Best Buy Bad Service

For a variety of reasons, I decided to order Ant-Man from Best Buy on 12/5, along with a couple of CDs.

On 12/6 I get an email saying my order has shipped and providing tracking info for two packages, the CDs in one Ant-Man in the other. Since Ant-Man wasn't being released until 12/8, this made sense.

I check the shipping info on 12/7, and it tells me that Pre-shipment info has been sent to USPS.

12/8, the CDs start out.

12/10, Ant-Man has shown no signs of movement, so I send an email.

12/11, I get an automated response saying they got my email, but they're swamped.

12/13, CDs arrive in my state

12/14, I get tired of waiting and phone. After a bit of confusion caused by the two packages, the representative agrees something is wrong, but can't do anything because the package isn't officially late until the 16th. CDs arrive.

12/15, I finally get an email response telling me their system shows my package arrived. I send a response, but don't have high hopes they actually got it.

12/16, Call again. Mail hasn't come, but the tracking info hasn't changed. They're sorry for the inconvenience they'll resend it. Yay! Today. Yay! Get confirmation email. Being sent standard shipping, due by the 29th. *facepalm*

Thankfully, it's just for me, not intended as a holiday present, but they never asked me if it was or not.

It hasn't actually reshipped yet, so maybe someone will realize this is kinda crap CS. Looks like they did, but… well, see the update.

Tl,dr: Best Buy screws up order, makes me wait until 9 days before Xmas to do anything, and then cheaps out on shipping without seeing if this might be a problem.

Update: It turns out they actually sent it UPS, who tried to deliver it today. However, since the tracking info they sent said it was waiting for USPS pickup (still does) and they decided to send it "signature required", for no obvious reason, I didn't know to wait for it and UPS couldn't just leave it.

On well, I wasn't planning to go anywhere tomorrow anyway.

Update 2:Yay! Package arrived, signed for by "Seriously, why?" Case was broken and dvd had come loose, but it doesn't seem to have sustained any damage. (I was going to be in the area of a Best Buy next week anyway, so not a big deal if it had been.)

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