charuby (charuby) wrote in bad_service,

So it's Christmas soon. As such, me and the next door neighbours are having a lot of parcels delivered. Only thing is, we've already had about 10 or so parcels arrive at our houses that don't actually belong to us at all. They've got our house numbers on, but they belong to 58 Puppy Street instead of 58 Kitten Street, which is our address. How hard is it to understand that this is Kitten Street and not Puppy Street? Same house number, different street. Who knew it could be so confusing? It just keeps bloody happening. And it's not just one street either. We've had addresses with 58 Bunny Street, and also completely different numbers on. We've had parcels delivered with our street name, but wrong house number. It's so infuriating, because we're essentially doing their job for them, because we have to deliver the bloody things ourselves.
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