magusmanx (blot) wrote in bad_service,

Do you not understand 'Fragile'?

So, I sent my BFF a carepackage Nov. 9th. Not much, really. Just a bunch of snacks and things, because she's been depressed and doesn't get treats often. I figured this would be nice! And it's only turned into a headache.

Now, last year around Feb./Mar. I sent her my old computer. It wasn't top of the like, but it was still pretty good, and since I built myself a new one, I thought she'd like to be able to play games. We padded it well, took utmost care, only for it to arrive with the case basically bent in half with tears in the metal. Thankfully, she had an extra case, and the internal stuff was undamaged.We thought it was a one-time issue. Nope.
If anything, this package is worse. Sent it up there the 9th. Said it would arrive on the 14th. I was like 'Cool not too long' since it's going from Texas to Tennesee. 14th passed. Nothing arrived, and the tracking number didn't work. Waited a few days. Nope, nothing. So we went up there to ask about it, and see why the tracking number wasn't working. Got an earful from the lady at the front desk, basically blaming us for not sending it priority then huffing that the tracking number OBVIOUSLY worked, even though we tried it multiple times, on different machines to see if it was on our end. I was like ok, what ever, maybe she just fixed it when she went in the back. So we check it at home. The tracking number said it hadn't left our postoffice. Weird, but what ever. We gave it another week. Nothing changed. So, we called customer service. Well, what do you know, someone wasn't scanning the codes, and it got damaged during travel. Very damaged. Like the box ripped open and things destroyed levels of damaged. Right now, we're sort of waiting in limbo because they asked us how much it cost, and they want to 'find the extent' of the damage. So who knows what's going to happen.
The fact that this is the second package that was royally messed up getting sent up there, has pretty much made use decide to never use USPS again.
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