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bad service pizza place ?

I was sitting in my room working on my laptop minding my own buisness last week on Wednesday checking weather reports and thinking about the holiday when the doorbell rang.

thinking it was my landlord who is the worlds biggest BITCH and her goons I groaned and ran to answer it.

it wasn't. it a delivery person for Dominos. I feel it's important here to say to me Dominos is GROSS the only pizza place I order from is Pizza hut and then it's only a sauceless cheese pizza some places call this "cheese pizza alphrado" this is also important. Also important is that ANYONE who would do this for a non malicious reason KNOWS these facts and KNOWS I lack the basic needs for ordering a pizza IN ANY WAY at that time. MONEY they also know that I also lack the basic needs for ordering ANYTHING online a credit card with money on it and the knowledge and courage to do it anyway! I'm too afraid of scams and hackers and liars. IMPORTANT!

So I was automatically confused by their presence at my door. I want to be clear so I'm going to spell out word for word what happened here . the kid I saw when I opened the door looked YOUNG maybe 15 or 16.

Me : Can I help you? Are you lost?
Them: No. I have your pizzas.
Me: Pizzas?
Them : Yes Pizzas.
Me: I didn't order any pizzas?
Them : Yes you did.
Me : No I did not.
Them: Yes you did. That is whats in the bag I am carrying.
Me: I don't doubt that. However I did not order them.
Them : then why am I standing at your door holding a bag with pizzas in it? -holds up the carry bag they put orders in I guess to keep them hot and opens it to show me the boxes of pizza inside-
Me: Again I do not doubt you are here and those are pizzas what I do doubt is that I ordered them because I do NOT like Dominos pizza and I do not make it a habit or otherwise to order from places I do not like. Also I do not make it a habit or otherwise to order from ANYWHERE when I do not have a way to pay for what I order.
Them : Then why did you order pizzas from us?
Me : I Did NOT order pizza from you or from ANYONE else!
Them: then how am I standing here with a hot bag with pizzas in it? -again hods up bag and shows what is in it-
Me: I do not know. What apartment are you looking for?
Them : -says my apartment and building number-
Me: Hmmm...ok what's the name on the order?
THem: Emma K.

Suddenly I realize what's happened I have been PIzza bombed. For one thing my name is not Emma nor does my last name start end or even contain a K or K sound. However my username on a certain website where I was locked in a never ending one sided war of receiving anon hate because of a stalker that has been bothering me for over ten years is indeed Emma and has a K in it.

Me: Damn!
Them: Do not cuss at me!
Me: No not you I just realized what is going on.
Them: Yes I am trying to give you your pizzas.
Me: It's a fake.
Them: No these are real pizzas.
Me: No I mean the order is fake.
THem: No Ma'am they are real PIzzas SEE!!! -advances on me aggressively and opens bag then SHOVES open bag in my face as if I were a blind person- SEE REAL PIZZA!

By then I was getting scared because that was uncalled for and this guy suddenly seemed shady. PLUS P.U. STINK smelled like 500 dead rats!

Me: UGH!! is that Saucless cheese?
THem: Huh?
Me : -speaking slowly- Are. THose. Pizzas. In. The. Bag. Saucless. Cheese. Pizzas.
them: What do you mean?
Me: Are the pizzas in that bag Cheese pizzas and if they are do they or do they not hace sauce on them.
Them: No they are not cheese pizzas and Ma'am all pizzas have sauce.
Me: what is my phone number?
THem: Excuse me?
Me: the number given for the order.
THem: -rattles off number I don't know-
Me: Not my number.
Them: You're lying.
Me: Call it.
Them: Why?
Me: Call it. prove this is my order or I will call the police and have you arrested for trying to scam me and harassment. (A lie but I hoped it'd scare him)
Them: FINE! -huffs and pulls out cell and calls the number-
Me: Do you hear a phone ringing in my apartment?
Them: Huh?
Me: Do you hear a phone ringing in my apartment yes or no.
Them: You turned it off.
Me: LOOK! I did NOT order pizza from ANYONE my name is NOT Emma K or EMMA ANYTHING!
Them: yes it is.
Me : -slams door-

He rang my doorbell for awhile and then left. I thought it was over until y landlord came over and yelled at me how this apartment complex is for adults and how adults don't order things they can't pay for and then lie about it. She is threatening me with eviction but I don't think it'd be a great loss.
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