philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

Argh. I thought this had been worked out. My doctor gave me the name of a podiatrist a few weeks ago that he referred me to that had appointments. So I went. Three weeks ago I believe. I had a follow up appointment today.

Only the podiatrist called to cancel this morning because they still haven't been paid for the first appointment because the insurance never got the referral.

I'm also waiting for a gynecology referral. I had on referral that didn't have a free appointment until January. So my doctor sent another name to the referral department. Only they've now sent me 3 referrals to the original doctor.

And this appointment is really important because there is something really wrong. It has gotten to the point where my pain during my period is so bad that nothing can touch it (even the vicodin I have for migraines that I've resorted to taking barely makes a dent in the pain) and I end up stuck in bed for days. And this month I had 2 periods with just a 3 day break in-between. I haven't had 2 periods in a month since the first three months I was on birth control.

So this isn't something I can wait until January for.

I really like my primary care, but if he wasn't my family's doctor I'd change just because of how awful his referral department has been.
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