Saitaina (saitaina) wrote in bad_service,

UPS Idiocy

It's such a small thing but it's so...effing...frustrating

I have a rather large sign on my door that says "Please use sliding glass door" with an arrow pointing left towards the outer door (go outside, around the building and boom, sliding glass door, plus you can see it right from the parking lot). why the effing hell did you still knock on the door, the sign is IN YOUR FACE, right there, eyeball height, I measured!  The door is blocked off and a pain in my ass to unblock, hence...the sign...and the open sliding glass door.  Gah!

...I now feel for every c_s worker who has complained about moron customers who can'tt read.

Edit: So a month and five deliveries after this later, there is one driver (Regular driver) and another (back up driver) who can read.  Regular driver knows now to just park near by and drop it at the door, Back up driver is learning (he still goes through the building the long way, out the side door when he remembers and then drops it off at my sliding door.  Two other drivers (alternates?) refuse to do so.

Pizza hut also has two drivers that will not go around, my my 'regular' driver will go immediately to the sliding glass door now that he's clued in.

I guess it's just personality types and how far they're willing to walk to be stubborn.  *shrugs*  Fed Ex I know will just chuck it at my front door because they are ninja's who don't even knock.


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