usagi (usagiweaver) wrote in bad_service,

"That was crap!"

The title of this entry consists of the exact words my son uttered after we got home from GameStop.

Last month, when he purchased the first Full Metal Alchemist game, he was solicited by the register monkey to preorder the second Full Metal Alchemist game that was coming out this month. My son says "Sure" and forks over the $5 for the preorder.

Cut to two Wednesdays ago: We'd delivered half the paper route and were miserably hot. We usually take a break at this point to get drinks so we drop into GameStop due to its close proximity to Sonic and their cooling slushies. We ask when the release date to the game was because neither of us remembered. Date: July 13th. Right when Boychild will be in camp. No biggie. We'll pick it up when he gets home.

Today: We go over to GameStop to pick up the game since camp ended yesterday. Register monkeys look in preorder drawer. No game. They find the slip that a game was SUPPOSED to be attached to. Register monkeys are highly embarrassed. You see, the MANAGER had sold MY SON'S GAME to someone else!!! Even though it had set aside previously.

THIS, my friends, is BULLSHIT!!! The MANAGER sold a kid's preordered game??? I told the register monkeys that I would understand if it had been sitting there for weeks, but it was only released this WEDNESDAY!!! And today was one... two... three... FOUR DAYS later!!!!

I also let them know that I understood it wasn't their fault but that I thought it was pretty ridiculous and that I'd be coming in on Wednesday to guilt the manager over the entire thing.

What I did not tell them was that I also intend to go to GameStop's web site and complain about this. Hopefully, my kid will get a discount coupon or something he can use on a future game. It really sucks that a kid saves up his paper route money, preorders a game, then goes to get it and it's NOT THERE!
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