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Maybe I'm making a deal out of nothing...

I'll start by saying I'm really lucky. I've had great USPS service in the year I've lived in the states. Maybe I just lucked out with my post person, IDK, but recently things have been iffy.

I order lots of things on Amazon, sometimes really heavy things too, because it's convenient, and saves me from searching multiple stores (because I still don't know what some stores stock and don't stock).

Last winter, when I ordered really heavy spinning bookshelves that came in 2 packages, sometimes, they'd be delivered on separate days. That's okay, I understand the post person probably couldn't handle both in one day, I'm not upset. There was no notice, or delivery error online though, so I had no reason to do anything, and it showed up the next day. Everything was cool.

Recently, as I order 4-5 cases of cat food (12.5oz cans x 12 each case), Amazon has been shipping them as 3 cases in one box, and 1-2 in the other. Almost every time, especially if the delivery ends up being on a Sunday, the "heavier" package ends up being reported as "undeliverable/address incorrect, please contact Amazon." At first, I didn't mind, finding it a bit amusing (because for some reason everyone but the mail person has a difficulty finding this place?), but after a while, I realized it was always the heavier package.

So recently, I told Amazon that I noticed a pattern. I wasn't trying to get anyone in trouble, but perhaps something needs to change in the amount they put in per box? A letter got sent to their shipping department to inquire with USPS what the issue was.

So, I go ahead as normal, and after a week or so, order a book from Amazon. Except on the day it's supposed to be delivered it comes back as "notice left. no safe place to leave it."

I know I've only been here a year, but I've ordered copious packages, and never have I ever received a notice stuck to any door. I've also never had a package report there's "no safe place to leave it" as often they just leave it on the front porch, or in the mailbox. My front door is continually left open, even through the night. I live on the top floor of a house, the landlord lives in the two floors below me. I don't have a key to the front door, and they leave it open and unlocked. I've had packages left on the steps going up to my apartment. I've had packages left in front of the door beside the garage (which is the landlord's door). There's even a wooden-fenced in backyard beside the garage which would have been "safe" to leave it if they were concerned.

Also, they could've rang the doorbell? I was home all day. I also never got a notice, neither did the landlord. :/

I just find it really weird that this happened on the first and only delivery after Amazon's report when they've never had a problem before, with a cheapo under $10 book. It feels like it was out of spite, but maybe I'm just paranoid or something.

I rescheduled delivery for today, so we'll see what happens.

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