_The_ Wench (rayce) wrote in bad_service,
_The_ Wench

You shouldn't judge a book by the cover

Once a month, my husband and I go out to lunch or dinner with a friend of ours that my husband used to work with. We always like to try out new places so we tend to check on Yelp for places with lots of good reviews.

This time we tried out a place near downtown Dallas. We got there and the place looked great. Free valet parking in back for the customers and outdoor seating (though we decided to sit inside).

My husband is a bit grunge. He likes to wear all black, hadn't shaved and wears a black duster everywhere. He has dressed the same since high school. T-shirts with skulls on them and I'm lucky if I can get him to brush his hair. Meanwhile, I try to dress nicer but I also stand out a bit as different with my pale skin, butt length blond hair and all black clothing. I've been told I look like a gothic hippy which I don't mind.

The only reason I mention this is because it is the only explanation I have for how we were treated. I thought maybe it was my imagination but when our friend joined us, they noticed the same thing. The waitress was like watching someone change masks every time she came to our table or went to the ones around us. When at the other tables she had a big smile and a cheer in her voice. When at our table the smile was forced to the point of being comical and her voice went monotone. As we waited for our friend to join us, the table next to us had their party join them. She acted so excited to greet this customer and reached over to our table and took my husbands menu which was on the table next to his arm because it was closest to her and give it to the other customer instead of just getting another one for them. I called out "Pardon me but we are still waiting on our friend" and she looked at me and said kind of annoyed "I'm getting you another one." When our guest arrived she hardly even glanced at him when she came to our table to take our order.

When our friend showed up, I told him "So watch our waitress as she interacts with other tables and us and tell me what you notice." After a bit of her interacting with both us and the other tables he leans in and whispers, "I get the strong feeling she doesn't like waiting on us."

She repeatedly picked up plates on the tables next to us while ignoring the empty plates on our table. We were forced to move the plates to the edge of the table to make it even more obvious they needed to be removed. This isn't something you expect to have to do when you are paying $35 per person for a meal. It was pretty obvious she was looking down her nose at us, especially when she called us "kids" when she gave us the check. I am 40 years old. I am not a kid.

I left a review with a summary of the stuff above on Yelp and got contacted by the manager asking for my number. I plan to refuse any free food or offers of. Really not trying to get a free meal. But they need to tell their staff to stop judging books by their cover.
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