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So, long story short, but I moved recently to attend graduate school in another province. Unfortunately last night, I locked myself out of my room. For context, my room is in a townhouse which is in a complex that includes family housing and is on the edge of campus. The complex has its own office, but it's not open 24/7. This is important.

I'm just gonna copy and paste this:

accidentally locked myself out of my room because the door closed and i did not know it was locked

spent thirty minutes trying to find a number that i could call to get help to get back into my room where my keys were, finally found one at last

called the number, was told that i would have to walk to a different building that is not even close to where i live to get a spare key to let myself into my room. this happened only after said guy asked me three times about where the hell it was i lived, then had to put me on hold to see whether or not i called the right number and that i could go there to pick up a spare key.

spent forty minutes walking from my place to that building and then back again to get the spare key, had to be let into that building because the door was locked, and then got told that i needed to bring the spare key back within three hours or be charged $20

note that all of this happened at 10pm at night and i spent nearly an hour getting this shit sorted out (so it i didn’t return home for the last time until 11:30 at fucking night)

after getting back and unlocking my door, i grabbed my keys that i had locked in my room and a pair of pants so that i could return the spare key, took my bike with me cause that would be faster than walking and i was fucking tired

did i mention that i had to first walk there and back across campus in my fucking pajamas because yeah i had to do that

I realized later that I could have called Safewalk to come and walk with me along the sketchy ass path, but I really think it would just be easier if there was a closer office that I could have gone to rather than having to trudge halfway across campus in my pajamas, late at night, because I'm stupid and accidentally locked myself out of my own room. :/
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