Ernestine Walker (ernestinewalker) wrote in bad_service,
Ernestine Walker

Moving Woes

Recently, my boss decided to move office from his old apartment to ???  He hasn't picked out a spot yet, and as I'm the only employee, I'm content to work from home while he works on that.

We used to have a retail store, so I managed the move of all of the store fixtures from the store all the way across town to the apartment garage just a few months ago.  It went BEAUTIFULLY.  The movers were amazing.  I was thrilled, and I barely had to do a thing (which was great, because it took me a week to take the whole store apart).

Based on that experience, I thought my boss would hire the same team.

But he did not.  He hired Two Men and a Truck.  And here's what happened.
- I showed them all the stuff that needed to be moved.  They complained that it was going to be really hard.
- I explained not once, not twice, but over two dozen times total throughout the day that specific items needed to be in the front of the unit and accessible.  They not only ignored me, but accused me of lying until I reiterated and quoted the specific conversation we had about packing order.
- Store fixtures are large and heavy.  The first things they packed?  Lightweight boxes of hangers.  One by one.  I typically carry three at a time.
- Somewhere around the 30 minute mark, they decided this move (garage and 1 room of stuff- I had everything boxed and ready) would take 5 hours.  They spent the next 30 minutes trying to figure out how to do the paperwork on that.
- One guy complained that he didn't want to work with his shirt on, and then sat down and texted and played with the mannequins.
- He also brought me a box labeled "Small Tools and Screws," shook it several times and told me it sounded like broken glass, and he didn't break it.
- While pointing out a ding on one of the fixtures, managed to drop mannequins on the driveway, scuffing them.
- After 1 hour, half the garage was still waiting to be packed.
- Complained they couldn't pick up some of the heavy items.
- Took them half an hour to get from the garage to the apartment.  They aren't connected, but when I left, they were putting the door down and getting ready to move.  It's about a 30 yard distance.
- Started taking things out of the apartment using our dolly... and piled them up on the landing, blocking all the other apartments.  For two hours.
- Asked me to take a table full of stuff out to my car and load it up- computer, lamp, small desk
- After two hours, my boss (whom I was updating via text, since he's out of town) lost it on HQ.  Four more guys showed up, and the whole place- including all the stuff that was still on the landing- was packed in less than 30 minutes.

Everything from then on was miraculously smooth.  The relief team really had their game together, though I had to explain how to stack things, it all went well until the paperwork.

"You owe us $725."
"Didn't my boss provide a credit card when he made arrangements?"
"Do you have his number?"
"Can you check with your headquarters to see if it's paid for already?"
"I don't know."
So I call my boss, and yes, he has already given them his credit card and an authorization for payment.  This blows the guy's mind, and he has to call HQ to see what to do.  30 minutes later... .

I sign the line that says "Prepaid.  Sign at completion of service."

I was so frustrated.  So frustrated.  My boss is beyond rage.

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