xnaivetex (xnaivetex) wrote in bad_service,

Moldy Workspace :(

I'm going to complain because this is annoying me and it's been nearly two weeks now. I do consider this bad service because these other groups are contracted out.

I came into work two weeks ago to a huge gush of water coming out of the roof of my office, RIGHT ABOVE where I sit, my monitors, my keyboards, my mouse, everything was ruined, all the stuff on my desk was ruined, the roof was caving in.

Turns out, they decided right above someone else's seat was the BEST PLACE to keep a hot water tank for the kitchen next door. Whatever, at least it wasn't sewage.

I was out of an office, I've been moved into a much nicer office but the move couldn't happen until today, so I've been working in an empty office on my laptop and working from home.

I told them right two weeks ago: "I want new electronic stuff though, it's been sitting in water for how long." and the guaranteed that yes, new keyboard, new docking station, because they didn't even know if the stuff works. They kept it IN the dripping water for almost a week before finally moving everything to a corner.

So I get the move instructions, and it says that my electronic stuff is coming with me. So I call them ,and tell them, that the electronics were flooded, they haven't been tested, and they're covered in a weird grime from sitting in the water for a week, I don't want them. I'm assured they're talking to workstation solutions and I'll get new stuff.

I come in today, and they've set up and hooked up all my waterlogged grimy electronics to a power source. Honestly, I'm iffy on even touching them since they're all plugged in now. They smell disgusting. There's a huge risk for mold, especially in the keyboard, the keyboard looks like it's growing fungus even just on the outside.

I am hugely allergic to mold, and pregnant so I can smell it pretty distinctly and even sitting in this room is making me want to throw up.

So I call my associate, and she says it's up to the movers, so I call the movers, and they say it's up to workstation, so I call them and they say I need to log a ticket and justify everything and even then it'll be like a week.

I'm sure insurance from the flood covers the electronics ruined, I don't know why they're making me jump through hoops just so I can work normally again or why they thought it would be okay to just rehook up flooded electronics.

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