Saitaina (saitaina) wrote in bad_service,

Charter - Bad then good then what?

So, I'm attempting to move, I have been attempting to move since July, but there are things wrong with the new apartment that keep appearing (I'm moving within the same complex so I can easily keep abreast of things...just two months and a rotted out bathroom floor later...I'm still in moving limbo).

Given that situation, I have had to call and re-schedule charter moving my services three times now since my move in date keeps...moving (and before you say it, Charter is my only option so no, I can't switch and yes, I must endure them). Over all, it's been alright, no judgey tones, happy cs personnel...just a computer glitch that screwed up two days and a phone number.

Apparently, during the last 'moving/not moving' mess, they canceled the transfer to my new apartment, but did NOT cancel the shut off at my old I am surfing around at 10am and suddenly have no tv, no internet and no phone. Figure out why and...while they can fix it (after twenty minutes and a supervisor trying to figure it out), they cannot give me my actual phone number back, that's at the new apartment. I have to live with a temp number.

...I could handle not having tv or internet, but a temp number is driving me batty! That wouldn't even be so bad if I wasn't in the middle of a HUD/Section 8 drama llama and a knee injury that has several doctors trying to find me (and I don't know everyone involved so I can't just call them all).

So, mistake, fixed...but then kinda wonky. And the apartment still won't be ready until Sept. *facepalm*

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