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Really, Barnes & Noble? It's JUST an e-book?! What's the hold-up?!

Seven hours ago, I bought a book for a friend for her Nook via I gave it an hour, and nothing. No word on when it was going to go through. I call. I go through the vocal prompts on their IVR system, I get someone and she tells me, "Oh, you need to talk to someone in Sales Audit!" I am put on hold for twenty minutes to just get told, "give it a few hours. I'm not seeing any reason why it's delayed, there's no technical issues at our end." Okay, fine. I decide to give it till after dinner.

SEVEN HOURS LATER, there's still no word on when this book is going to be on my friend's device?! Really!?

I'm currently on hold - YET AGAIN - with Barnes & Noble to find out wtf is going on, b/c the person I spoke to clearly who works in the e-book department had NO idea what I'm talking about. It's very simple, at approximately 2.30 this afternoon, EST, I bought a book, an e-book, as a gift for a friend for her device. Why is it, seven hours later, still saying "processing," when I got told hours ago that there was no real reason for it to be sitting there at "processing?" Simple, right? Guess not.

And of course no one speaks fluent English, so I have to repeat myself several times for them to understand me. >:(

Edit: I was on hold for a good 45 minutes, got someone in Customer Service who then tells me they can't help me, to "please hold" and they're going to send me to a "Nook Specialist" who can help. Uh, yeah, okay. I tell the rep when they finally answer after a long hold what's going on, I'm detailed, I give approximate time, I give approximate date, I give order number. I get put on hold without a word and bounced over to Customer Service. WHAT are you people doing!? This goes on for several rounds. I cannot handle talking on the phone as it is, it ignites my anxiety. This is insane, this is horrible service, and I am ready to just hide under a rock. I paid money, I did MY part. Why can't they do theirs?!
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