emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

This is NOT incredibly sucky (just...kind of annoying and a small rant)

We went to dinner tonight and the food was AMAZING. But we had two waitresses (why?) and they were kind of annoying. We didnt need two for one thing...one or the other literally came by every 2 minutes or so. My table could not have a conversation because the first one would come up and ask if we needed anything and then a minute later the next, and then the next would ask if we needed water, and then the second one would ask a minute later.
I was almost expecting one of them to jump out and tell us that we had been pranked or something :p
Has anyone else ever been OVERserved? Or had someone check on you too often? Normally, its the other way around and I am waiting 30 minutes parched and dying for a refill or something.
Note for anyone who wants to attack me-the ladies were VERY nice and we were nice back. I was just 1. confused as to why we had two waitresses regularly waiting on us and 2. A little annoyed that they were around our table so much that it felt like they were eating dinner with us :p
We tipped 20% anyways because they were really friendly...just need to work on the timing stuff.

My other rant...Ill cut it because I may get long and preachy :p

It seems like I have seen, experienced and read example after example of how the work ethic of this world has just collapsed. Condoning closing an hour before set closing hours because "they just wanna go home" or bitching at the slightest amount of work. I have a coworker who (and my job is fairly easy-not hard or annoying work) will show up several hours late, leave several hours early, talk to her boyfriend on the phone, admittingly HIDE from work or sluff it off on other workers, play online solitaire, and sleep during the job. I would be embarassed if that were me.
It seems like now its a game of "how little can I do, how little service can I provide, and how lazy can I be" on the job. Thats disheartening to me.
I mean, dont get me wrong. I dont really like my job. Its not something I want to do forever. Do you really think I want to drag my ass out of bed at 7 to trudge to do my boring job? Hell no. And in the afternoon when homework is looming over me for the night and I still have an hour left at work and every single cell within my body is screaming to get out...I dont just walk out. I understand the feeling, but its my JOB. I accepted the responsibility and I have certain hours. How can people have pride in themselves when they do make it a game of how lazy can I be???
Maybe Im oldfashioned like my dad, but it blows my mind when people have no pride in their work. I have always been taught to work as hard as I can whether I liked the job or not.
Whenever I see someone working a crap job (or any job) who actually works their hours and puts in at least the minimal amount of effort...I feel happy because I see that I am not the only one disappointed in the trend of laziness and perhaps there are more people than I know who DO work hard. If you come to my job, I will try my best to help you and make the effort the job requires. Yes, I do know lazy shortcuts. I will not take them because I have pride in myself and I can only hope that when I go to YOUR place of service that I am greeted with the same...well, at least the minimal amount of taking responsibility for the job YOU signed up to do.
I feel like Im going to get bitched at for that, but...its something that has been building for awhile.
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