Myrren (myrren) wrote in bad_service,

Spitting Feathers

I'm so angry right now. My dad, who is 78 and lives on his own, just called me up and was nearly crying. Which is something my dad never does. Because it seems a national firm that sells double glazing, Safestyle UK, sent a rep round who used hard sell tactics to get him to buy windows from them.

Backstory: my dad had the front of his house done by them at the start of the year. The service was horrendous: the windows themselves were fine, but the fitters smashed glass in the house and didn't clean it up, broke his satellite receiver and cut the ariel leads, trampled flowers in my dads garden and left scaffolding outside his house for two weeks, which meant he could barely get out as he has bad arthritis and couldn't get round it easily. So there was no way in hell he was getting the back of the house done by them.

But they sent a rep round who stayed FOUR HOURS until my dad agreed to sign up, and now he's in a terrible state. There should be a 7 day cooling off period, so I'm going to give them hell. They are a big company who advertises on national TV, and they use tactics like this? It's disgusting, putting pressure on an elderly man till he signs for something he doesn't want.
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