ljmydayaway (ljmydayaway) wrote in bad_service,

How did Amazon become this?

I placed an order today for a bunch of swim stuff for this weekend and used Amazons "FREE SAME DAY Delivery! Get it today if you order within xxx hours!" Method. I needed it delivered today because I would not be home tomorrow.

I placed the order well within the timeline required and when checking out, it said "free same day delivery".

So when my order suddenly said "will be delivered by Friday" I was frustrated and hopped on Amazons chat service, only to be insinuated that I was lying about it saying Same Day shipping because my order confirmation email gives a confirmed delivery day of Friday. They copy and pasted the email to me several times, would not offer me any resolutions, and said I couldn't possibly have seen it say "delivery for today" if the emails say Friday - despite me seeing that and even the website showing my order as having same day delivery.

I suggested to change the address on the package to my office (where I would be tomorrow) and of course the order was "too far along" to be redirected.

I suggested I reorder it and they could comp me the shipping cost (because it costs $12 to ship to my office a few miles away for some reason) and the price difference in the costs of the shirt (since it had gone up $2 since I ordered it) and they refused to do the $2.

So I requested cancellation and cancelled my Prime membership. 2 out of 3 of my orders were delayed since I started Prime - I am not going to continue paying for a service that basically calls me a liar and refuses to do anything to fix their issues.
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