philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

Restaurant bad service

So on my way home from the dentist today I decided to treat myself to a nice burger and cocktail. Only it did not go so well. I ordered my burger medium rare with mash potatoes. It comes out and it is clearly well done and practically burnt. So I sent it back, it comes back around medium well and certainly not how I ordered. It comes out a third time. This one is cooked kind of uneven with some red in the center but the outsides still overcooked. But I just gave up at that point and ate it. Also, it was clear that they had just reheated the mashed potatoes rather than giving me new ones. They did not taste right at all.

No one offered to comp me anything. I still tipped well because it wasn't the waitress's fault. But I won't be going back there.

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