_The_ Wench (rayce) wrote in bad_service,
_The_ Wench

Oil Change Issues

I noticed my car was sounding a little off yesterday but the engine was hot so I left it overnight. This morning I go out and start checking it over. First thing I check is oil and it was overfilled by double what it should be! I just had an oil change last month so I drove the car to work and took it back to the place on my lunch break.

I told them they had overfilled it by double. They go check and guy says "It is maybe half a quart". Whatever. I am not going to argue.. just fix it.

Let's do this in conversation format shall we?
So he puts my car up and then comes in and says all excited, "So I did you a big favor and I dumped out the oil and put new oil in. I even replaced the sticker on the window!"
Me: "You didn't do me a favor. You had to dump the oil because you can't plug it mid-stream. Also, did you put high mileage oil in the car because that is what I initially paid for and what the sticker showed in my window?"
He suddenly seems thrown off his game: "No. I just put regular oil in"
Me: "Ok. So am I getting a refund for the difference?"
Him: "You drove the car since then."
Me: "So? You over filled it, had to replace the oil to fix it, presented it like you did me a favor and now I didn't get what I paid for originally and I'm skipping eating my lunch to deal with it."
Him: "When you come back next we will give you a discount."
Me: "Great. Can I get that in writing?"
He takes me in and has the guy write to give me a $5 discount.... I paid $37 for the high mileage oil change so I asked him how much a normal oil change is and he says $21. I looked at him sternly and he told the guy to change it to do the next one for $25.

I probably won't actually go back but I at least have something in writing indicating the issue in case there is damage to my motor. I will be writing a review on the place though.

Oh.. and when I got in my car, the old sticker that was there from the previous oil change is still in the window. He never changed the sticker to reflect today's date for my last oil change. It still has 6/28.

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