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McDonald's Bad Service

This event happened about a month ago so the details are a little fuzzy, but I will try to be as accuarte as possible.

So I decided to get Mikey D's for the family (me, my husband and my mom).  My husband and I go through the drive thru and order.  I ordered a chicken nuggets, Coke and fries for the husband, a bacon clubhouse and fries for my mom and a quarter pounder with bacon, Sprite and fries for me.  The drive thru person repeats it back to me but says steak burger instead of the bacon clubhouse (I have honest forget what the substitute burger is, sorry).  We pay and leave.

Our order is almost completely wrong.  My husband is the only one to get his order correct.  So back to McDonald's I go. As soon as I entered, the drive thru person says that he is sorry and that he gave us the wrong order. I then tell the manager my order minus my husband. She corrects me when I say bacon clubhouse and repeats the special steak burger instead. I ask if the bacon clubhouse is the same as the special steak burger and she agrees that it is. So home I go.

Well, the steak burger is not the same. No bacon, tons of onions with a weird sauce. I asked my mom if that is ok. Nope. So third time is the charm, I think. However, my husband is now done with his meal, my food is left to get cold and I am pissed off. Now I probably should have checked before I left the store, but she assured me that the burger were the same, just different names.

I arrive at the store with the (now full) husband in tow. I was very mad at this point and so might (read probably did) use curse words when conversing with the manager. I explained that this was not the burger I ordered and was now tired of coming to this location to fix their mistakes. I demanded the new burger be made and asked what compensation I would be receiving for having to come to this location three times in the space of about an hour to fix their mistake. No apology was ever given by the manager (not for the first or the second time I returned). Instead she very curtly asked me what compensation I would like. This threw me off my game as I had not yet thought this far, I really thought she would offer something, I would counter, etc... I ended up getting more fries and a new drink (as I had consumed most of my first one by this point).

Now I probably should have checked the order before I left the first time but I have gone to this McDonald often and have never had any mistakes. I really should have checked the second time (as my mom pointed out) but I really thought that it was the right burger.
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