orthent (orthent) wrote in bad_service,

Contractor WTF

I manage some rental properties for my family. One is a small house where I'd like to upgrade the bathroom, so a few days ago, I had a respected local general contractor come to the house to evaluate the place before giving me a bid. We've had on-and-off moisture issues in this bathroom, so I especially wanted those addressed.

I'm not surprised that he recommended installing central air conditioning as "the single most important step you can take to solve your moisture issues"--it's doubtless in his interest to convince me to spend a few thousand dollars on a central AC unit, in addition to the pricey moisture-sensing bathroom fan he suggested I install. But I'm not sure what possessed him to assure me that one of his competitors--the HVAC contracting firm my family has trusted for years--was getting out of the residential AC business to focus strictly on commercial. Because it was ridiculously easy to find out that they're not doing anything of the kind.
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