kallell (kallell) wrote in bad_service,

Thank you for Guarding my Life

Ok I have lived over 28 years withoutkowing how to swim, Yesterday My GF and I went to a local waterpark after work and i learned how to swim (or i learned how to not drown and move in an intended direction). after a few lessons we decided to go back to the water slides.

Now this park has a pair of tall waterslides, one is meant for body slidingm the other for using tubes (like inner tubes). Now we where having fun going down the tube slide repeatedly, however when you sit in these tubes your weight, plus the water and the nature of the tube creates a sunction cup making it hard to get started. On the time that i am mentioning we had a double tubeshe had sat in the back an i was trying to get in the front, my foot slipped and i fell, hard, the life guard who is supposed to be monitoring the slide to make sure people dont slam into each other, is busy talking to someone and isnt able to assist. as im almost up and standing she fially turns around and helps buy saying:
"Sir you need to use a tube!" Then she turns around and goes back to chatting. as I try to cross over to the other side of the tube to try again, i fall again, worse, and have had an aching shin and foot since yesterday, beyond that I didnt hear any more from her as she was too busy chatting.

Glad to know I was in such capable hands!
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