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Is this how a phone company works?

I decided I want to go with sprint so I looked at their website and found they offered unlimited talk/text/data for 86 bucks (might have been 80 or even 88 but I know it was a two didgit price and started with an 8 )

I looked at their phones and found one I liked that was stated to cost $0 with a two year plan.

I decided right there I WANT!

So I saw they had a chat tab on their site and I clicked on it and was greeted by "Megan"

I asked her the basic questions one would ask when thinking about gwtting services from a company. She kind of answered them. I don't know some she seemed to not understand or be avoiding for example I'd ask her a question about what "unlimited" means to them and she'd reply with a remark about phone prices or something else that was only SORT OF related to what I said or asked.

Also as we were talking and she was telling me about her phone and why she liked it my browser crashed. I loaded back up got back in chat and sure enough "Megan" welcomed me. I apologized for the browser crash and asked her to continue with what she had been saying about her phone.

Only she claimed she'd never said anything to anyone about her phone ever. She hadn't even been talking to anyone. Strange but ok I just repeated my questions to her and went on. Again same habbit of answering me with remarks that were only "Kinda" related to what I asked.

I was asking her what the price tag og "$0 with two year contract" meant and she was explaining when..............my power went out! fuck severe weather!

later rinse repeat above back on the website back in chat yep there's "Magan" apologize and stupidly ask her to continue what she was saying and even Quoted back to her what she said from the transcript that was emailed to me.

She AGAIN denied talking to me or to anyone at all! I asked how many "Megan"'s were working at sprint today? she replied with "My name is megan and yes I work for sprint" so same habit of answering questions with remarks that barely have anything to do with what was asked.

I finally decide "Fuck this" and call sprint. Get on with a guy gave him the info needed My name my number my SS my address ect.

Fine. Does credit check. Fine.

Suddenly he asks me "What is your pin?"

I tell him "I don't have a pin"

he replies "Your Pin! Your Pin! what is your Pin!"

I say "I have no pin sir this is a NEW account. I never had sprint before EVER!"

he replies "Yes ma'am I know this but what is your pin?"

I decide maybe I'm hearing "pin" but he's saying "PEN" so I ask him "Are you saying Pen like you write with?"


around and around the mullberry bush we go for awhile him asking for my pin me telling him I haven't got a pin no one at sprint has given me a pin there is no pin ect .

Finally by the grace of god my cellphone drops the call.

I explore the website looking everywhere for this mysterious "pin" he claimed I was keeping from him. Nothing. the only numbers on the website are prices amounts and the sprint phone number.

I call sprint back and get a lady this time. Explain what's up she picks up where the other guy left off. As we're waiting for the credit department to do their job we smalltalk about what kind of plan I might be wanting I mention the unlimited talk/text/data one I spotted . she indicated she heard me and then told me credit tod her I must "Pay 500.00 for one phone for two years"

Confused I say "Well ma'am I don't know what theyre thinking but I only want the plan I quoted you the one that costs at or in the area of 80.00? "

She says "Yes you can have that but you must pay 500.00 for one phone for two years!"

I said "Well I saw a phone that said $0.00 for two years could we do that?"

she LAUGHS and says "that is not what that means"

confused I say "What is not what what means?" nice grammar I know :(

She again LAUGHS and repeats herself.

I move on and say "Anyway I'm not prepared to pay 500.00 for ANYTHING because I am already doing that with (current provider) and I'm trying to get AWAY from paying so much money"

Her next gem? "Ma'am 500.00 isn't money"

I say "Pardon?" and she repeats herself . Yes. I heard her right. she really did say that 500.00 wasn't money.

I say "Oh? Well then what is it? Because when you used the word dollars I thought you were quoting a price to be paid with money because where I'm at the word "dollars" tends to indicate money"

she again says "500.00 isn't money"

I finally said "Whatever." and she begins demanding a pin too I keep on telling her it's a new account I do not have or know of any pin! but she keeps insisting!

I say "Can the phone be sent to a sprint store ? I'm moving soon"

she says "No I need a credit card give me redit card! Now! give me credit card!"

shocked by her lack of manners or even the word "Please" I say dumbly "I don't have one at the moment."

She says "Why not? why you not have credit card? why you not have credit card? give me credit card! you cannot have phone without credit card!"

Finally I just say "Forget it" and hang up.

But really is this how it's suposed to be with cell phone providers?

Because so far I have AT&T who gives me service (Unlimited talk text and they CLAIM mobile web but that's bullshit because I keep going over the "useage") and then SCREAMING at me for using it. and demanding I wave my magic wand and make buckets of money fall into their laps the second they say "GIMMIE!"

Just yesterday we got into it over data useage. THey called SCREAMING (Seriously I had to hold the phone away and turn it down from 50% to 20% volume and I could STILL hear them ) at me for using the service they provide me.

Already tired of everyone elses bullshit I sweetly say "Well if you don't want someone using the service don't give them that service." cue more of them SCREAMING at me.

I say "I am in the process of moving and need email and web to make sure every i is dotted and t is crossed and I have a home to move into. Please turn my web back on. I am sorry I went over but this needs to be done. after this if this is how you are going to be with me I will be happy to switch providers."

their answer? "NO! Get a REAL internet connection like an adult and give us 3000.00!"

I say "My bill says on your website I only owe 800.00 where do you get 3000.00?"

their answer? "Because WE SAY SO! Give us 3000.00 NOW NOW NOW NOW!"

I say "Excuse me. I made a payment arrangement I have until the 25th to pay you and pay you I shall when payment is due because as I stated when making the arrangement that is when I will have the money."

the don't like THAT at al and keep on demanding the money and SCREAMING at me when I don't blindly hand it over just because they say "GIMMIE!" and kick and scream like a two year old.

I just hung up on them. Rude yes but I wasn't going to take their "GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE" crap.

I called back today and when they pulled it again I asked "You don't want me to use your data do you?" they reply "You use our data too much" so I ask "Well if you don't want people to use your data why do you offer it to them to be used?" their answer?

"We want people to use our data we justdon't want YOU to use it!"

is this normal? Because at&t is the only cellphone I've had before that it was all prepaid. All I had to do was go out and buy a plastic card. Now this.

On top of that I just checked my at&t phone. Service disconnected for "non payment"?

I am now in chat on myatt.com with customer service trying to explain to them "I will pay you on the 25th" and them saying "Ok Mr (name)! We will look foward to your payment the 25th!" means I have TOLD them when payment is coming anf they have AGREED that it is ok to pay then instead of at the time I said it. they even noted it in my account in bold letters "PAYMENT ARRANGMENT JULY 25TH!"

Does anyone know of a cell company that has unlimited talk/text/data hotspot avalibility a decent price for it and a CS team that can do math listen understand words and even understand and REMEMBER dates and knows that when they say "five hundred dollars" they are talking about money because the word "dollars" means "Money" in the english language?

I mean I knew what the word meant and how to identify it's meaning by sight when I was FIVE! (No I'm not talking about reading I'm talking about my mother or someone showing me like a five dollar bill and asking me "What's this?" and me saying "five dollars" and them saying "yes but what IS five dollars?" and me saying "Money" )
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